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this is what I’m paying $126+ per month for

This is what I see when I tune to channel 7 on my expensive Cablevision cable TV service:

Fuck Cablevision. Fuck ABC. (Oh, and can I just note that ABC and Disney — which told me it didn’t like my “tone” when I complained about how it treats film critics — are the same company?)

In 2008 (the last year for which figures seem to be available), Disney chief Bob Iger — the one who made the decision that three million people in the NYC area should not be able to see ABC — earned $30.6 million. That same year, top Cablevision honchos raked in dough (via Long Island Business News):

A quartet of Cablevision executives took the top four slots [among Long Island’s highest paid execs]. Cablevision chief executive James Dolan topped the list with $13.9 million in compensation, followed by Chairman Charles Dolan at $13.4 million, Chief Operating Officer Thomas Rutledge at $11.7 million and Vice Chairman Hank Ratner at $11.5 million.

These are the people who are treating mere customers like crap.

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