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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

who else writes ‘Doctor Who’ fan fiction?

Matt Smith, that’s who:

Matt Smith has apparently revealed he has written his own Doctor Who stories – to help him understand the character.

The 27-year-old, who replaces David Tennant as the Time Lord in the new series starting on April 3, told the Daily Mirror: “I wanted to feel like Doctor Who, understand where he’d come from, so I wrote stories of the Doctor and Einstein in Egypt, which focused on their roles in the creation of the Pyramids.”

He added: “I had six months prep before we began filming so it gave me time to write quite a few stories.”

What a dork.

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  • Isobel


    Actually, that has given me a little more confidence as Matt Smith as the Doctor, if he’s that enthused about it all.

    Sadly, I saw on Neil Gaiman’s blog the other day that his Doctor Who episode has been moved to Series 6, so a longer wait for it. Grr.

  • Lythea

    Yay dorkiness! That certainly makes me a bit more inclined to love this man.

  • He, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat are visiting New York on 14 April for a screening of The Eleventh Hour, followed by a Q&A. Details on the BBC America Facebook page. It’s first come, first served, so get in quick!

  • Matthew

    There’s a longer quote that is even better:

    I had the part six months prior to shooting anything on camera – and for much of that time it was all a big secret – so I had to find a way of channelling my energy and excitement, my lust, as it were, for creating this persona.

    I was thinking, ‘Who in the world has a brain and a silliness which is close to the Doctor?’ and then I saw that photograph of Albert Einstein poking his tongue out and it just clicked.

    I found this book of quotes by Einstein – which I recommend as a life choice, he was such an insightful man – and I started writing short stories about Einstein and the Doctor, where the Doctor was getting irritated with the great man’s buffoonery. He’d be saying, ‘Come on, Albert, keep up!’ and I think that, more than anything, was my way in to the part


    Interestingly, Matt got his degree in Drama and Creative Writing.

  • Scott

    Okay, now I have to know where he’s posted it…

  • Josh C.

    I’ll be doubly intrigued if it’s slash….

  • Yes….

    The Doctor leaned in close, his eyes locked with Einstein’s. The brogue throb of the Tardis was the only sound.

    “Doctor,” said Albert with a tinge of lusty anxiousness, “what are you doing?”

    The Doctor took Albert’s face in his hands and kissed him on the lips, a brief tickle of moustache. “Something I should have done a long time ago, Albert,” said The Doctor.

    Oh, gross. I just puked on my laptop!

  • Kimberly

    That’s pretty damn adorable. Perhaps I can forgive him for being a mere child.

  • If any of you have livejournal, I did stumble across a “Sense and Sensibility” crossover with “Doctor Who.” I didn’t keep track of where, so I can’t provide a link.

  • Matt says his stories are “probably quite crap” (then apologises for using “the cr word” on early-evening television).


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