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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

why didn’t they just ask, “Would you like to shag David Tennant?”

A hard-hitting investigative report leaked to the Mirror recently revealed some outrageous aspects of female sexuality. Kinsey would be shocked:

Facial stubble and a geeky personality are top in a list of women’s secret turn-ons, a survey out yesterday revealed.

Truly, this is astonishing news.

Other secret turn-ons to feature in the top 10 include grey hair, wearing glasses and being a passionate supporter of a sports team.

After the jump, some gratuitous photos of David Tennant.

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  • kathleen

    haha I love you. This made my day.

  • Cori Ann

    Oh I needed that. Thank you!

  • Wait. There’s no photo of him wearing glasses. You missed one.

  • MaryAnn

    Hey, I could have posted 100 pictures. I restrained myself.

  • Keith

    My favorite is the “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” picture. Of course it could be argued that “a” should be a “The” hehe.

  • Brian

    Stubble, geeky, facial hair, glasses . . . man, I wish someone had assured me of all that ten years ago when I was in college! Not that I didn’t discover all that eventually myself, but I could have used the confidence booster back in those clueless days. :-)

  • Bobbi A

    Might I trouble someone to open a window? it seems to have gotten rather hot in here…

  • Isobel

    In answer to the post title, um, yes I rather would, actually! He is rather delicious, isn’t he?

  • bex

    The only thing, of course, is that our beloved David is not a fan of sports of any kind in any way, shape, or form… that photo is probably the only one of him in anything resembling sportfan attire you will ever see him in and it’s from his “Who Do You Think You Are” episode when he visited some cousins he’d never met and the team his grandfather had played for.

    And I have to say that for *me* one of the things I love about him is that he doesn’t care one *whit* about it – he declares it proudly… he’s not embarrassed, doesn’t think it makes him less of a man, doesn’t try to fake like he knows stuff about football/soccer that he doesn’t know the way men often do. He just doesn’t care.

    I actually think that the ‘secret passion’ bit is bogus and the women who answered that were trying to sound like they’d be supportive of their man if he was a huge sport fan. Maybe it’s just me and my friends but I really loathe sports and find men who are completely into it annoying.

    Give me a guy who reads and listens to interesting music, whether pop or classical, and goes the theatre and museums *any* day! And *that* is DT to a tee.

  • MaryAnn

    Yeah, I don’t get the sports thing either, and it’s not a turn-on for me. Geeky, glasses, and stubble, absolutely.

    Now, just imagine how much more irresisitible Tennant will be in 10 years, when he’s gone all gray. :->

  • Kathy A

    John Barrowman just revealed that he’s been dyeing his hair for some time now–he’s actually pure white. He just hasn’t let it go due to the fact that the one time he did, it freaked his partner out.

    I’m looking forward to the day that he does stop dyeing, because he’d be just as smokin’ hot with white hair!

  • poppet

    oh, this made me laugh!!! few things make me laugh until i have tears.

    i’m still giggling. ’cause yeah, go on, ask me. i bet you can guess the answer.

    geek boys = yummmm.

  • BostonKaren

    An article from the Telegraph said that men who had thin faces were more trustworthy. David again!

  • Lisa

    aww thank you for that – it made my morning! but geek or not David T is just an extremely beautiful man too

  • Bassygalore

    What a grand way to start the day off! I agree with Lisa…David is a just a really beautiful man.

  • LaSargenta

    Well, maybe it is a generational thing. I still go for more of a muscled, hairy guy. Not that Mr. Tennant wouldn’t probably manage to charm me into the sack if I were his type, (he definitely is puckish!) but the guys who turn my head on the street look more like Jean Reno in Big Bue http://s3.hubimg.com/u/996482_f520.jpg or Liev Schreiber.

    That poll didn’t ask me.

  • LaSargenta

    Uh, no, not generational…stupid statement on my part. Just taste. I’ve often suspected it has a lot to do with the people we love when we are little. The men I adored in my family and extended family were all barrel-chested and fairly tough avuncular guys. Several were union organizers. Some were hockey players. There weren’t many slim, puckish guys in my world until I was in at least my very late teens.

    Now, being a mature person open to change and not locked into habits of childhood *cough** thanks to much therapy *cough** I probably could see myself being converted by all you David-lovers! lol

  • I_Sell_Books

    Mmm, David Tennant…

    Is anyone else occasionally weirded out when John Barrowman speaks in his American accent during interviews? It’s just that I always expect him to use
    his Scottish accent…I don’t know why.

  • i’m just wondering: is the title of this post a trick question? because i mean… yes, yes i would!

  • MaryAnn

    John Barrowman doesn’t have a Scottish accent, as far as I know. He was born in Scotland but grew up in the U.S.

    I always found one of the most intriguing things about Barrowman is that he sounds American but has British sensibilities.

  • Joanne

    John Barrowman’s Scottish accent emerges when he’s talking to someone else with a Scottish accent. It’s highly bizarre.

    See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtDg23G1uc8 for examples.

    Oh, thanks for the pics!

  • Lisa

    it’s such a shock to hear his scottish accent, innit?

    I remember him doing it once on Going Live – showing my age here!

    He finds it hard not to slip into it when he’s around Tennant even though Tennant does that mockney accent in dw

  • LaSargenta

    John Barrowman doesn’t have a Scottish accent, as far as I know. He was born in Scotland but grew up in the U.S.

    Almost never, but I have heard it when I watched a doc he took part in called (I think) The Making of Me that was about how someone ‘becomes’ gay. The sections with his family were completely in a very particular glaswegian accent. And, to make the cognitive dissonance even stronger, it was around the dining table in a very american house in a town in Illinois!

  • Isobel

    LaSargenta says “I still go for more of a muscled, hairy guy” – I totally agree, my ‘type’ is definitely the muscular hairy very masculine men (the Clive Owens in King Arthur and the Russel Crowes in Gladiator). Tall lanky cheeky looking people don’t usually make me take much notice, but David Tennant is sexy enough to transcend types, I reckon!

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