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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

I be nominated…

…for a 2010 National Entertainment Journalism Award, given by the Los Angeles Press Club.

How’s that for Notability?

The finalists were announced a month ago, and I only just accidentally stumbled across this news this morning. I’m a finalist in the Online Critic category. My fellow nominees are:

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor
Tom Tangney, MyNorthwest.com
Desson Thomson. The Wrap
Rick Warner, Bloomberg News

Go to the L.A. Press Club’s site to download a complete list of the nominees.

Winners will be announced tonight(!) at a ceremony in Hollywood.

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  • Dokeo


  • Kenny

    Wow congratulations MaryAnn!

  • Magess

    Congrats, and good luck!

  • JoshDM

    How do you not get notified for something like this? Also, I wonder if you need your self-scribed Wikipedia vanity page back. :) Congrats!

  • MaryAnn

    How do you not get notified for something like this?

    I wondered the same thing.

  • Brian

    Maybe you have to be “notable” to be notified. :-)

  • David

    Congratulations! And good luck. Although you seem to be a clear winner (is my bias showing?)

  • Patrick


  • Congratulations! Do you get to go to the ceremony? I guess not, if you weren’t invited… What’s up with that?

    I also submit that the Penguin Rocker Award that both Tonio and I gave you on our sites makes you “notable.” ;-)

  • MaryAnn

    Do you get to go to the ceremony?

    It’s tonight in LA. I’m in NYC. So, probably not

  • If Wiki won’t take you back, you can always try getting an entry with TV Tropes. :)

  • MaryAnn

    Part of my plan to conquer the world — which I shall implement shortly — involves made of such awesome that Wikipedia won’t be able to ignore me. And I will totally pretend not to notice them when they pass me in the hallway near the gym before fourth period and wave at me like we’re best friends.

  • zepto

    Well, seeing as the Los Angeles Press Club is not notable enough for its own article, I’m not sure it’s going to help you. :(

  • I_Sell_Books

    Good luck!

    Stupid Wikipedia.

  • Jester

    Congrats and good luck.

    Be advised, though, it’ll be tough to beat Peter Rainer with that particular group doing the selecting. Though if it’s any comfort, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page either. ;-)

  • nyjm

    How’s that for Notability?

    In the immortal words of the inimitable Kathy Griffin: “Suck it, Wikipedia!”

    Congrats, MAJ. You deserve it.

  • Stefanie

    Congratulations! (And not to beat a dead horse, but I cannot believe they didn’t even let you know you were nominated. Sheesh.)

  • MaryAnn

    Well, I didn’t win:


    It’s back to being unnotable for me…

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