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if you love me (part 4)…

…you’ll recommend me.

At the suggestion of reader Dokeo, I’m trying a little experiment in building traffic and word of mouth for the next couple of weeks. I’m asking regular readers to forward to their friends their favorite FlickFilosopher.com post from the past week. These are some of my own favorites, if I may make so bold:
Date Night (review)

question of the day: What imaginary item that you’ve seen in a movie or on TV do you wish you could buy?

what a girl wants

trailer break: ‘Letters to Juliet’

watch it: “Nothing Lasts Forever trailer”

poster convergence: ‘Green Zone’ and ‘Robin Hood’

throw a sofa in the ‘Millennium Falcon’ common room and you’re done

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Eleventh Hour”

(See here for complete list of April’s posts.)

Obviously, I’m not asking that you annoy people who wouldn’t be interested in such nonsense as the crap I post here. But if there is someone you know who might be intrigued and isn’t already reading FlickFilosopher.com, why not send ’em a link?

I’m hoping to integrate into the in-progress upgrade of the site unobtrusive ways to Digg posts here, and otherwise recommend them via social networking. Stay tuned…

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