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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

it’s not science fiction…

Though I do sorta expect a giant alien saucer to emerge from that cloud:

It’s the result of that enormous volcanic eruption in Iceland. You know, the one that has shut down air traffic across Europe, and may not allow planes to fly for days to come. Because volcanic ash is apparently very very bad for jet engines.

No, it’s not movie-related, but it’s extremely cool and scary and interesting, and it’s the kind of thing that lodges in my brain and rattles around and becomes the kind of thing that influences how I think about stuff, even if only sidewise and obliquely, and in turn might someday influence my reaction to a movie. It makes me think: We think we’re so powerful, but once in a while, the planet reminds us that in its eyes, we’re bugs.

(See a full-size version of that awesome photo at MSNBC.)

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