question of the day: Is the “controversy” over ‘Kick-Ass’ worth getting bothered about?

It started late last year, when the redband trailer for Kick-Ass debuted. Some fanboys appeared to find it hugely erotic to hear 11-year-old Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl say “cock” — which it kinda disturbing, actually — while other fanboys were merely annoyed (and continue to be annoyed to this day) that grownups were annoyed that the kiddies were able to subvert the redband restrictions and watch Moretz say “cock,” not to mention seeing her kick the shit out of a ton of bad guys.

Now, the film opens in the U.K. today (North American audiences will have to wait another two weeks). Reviews are mostly good, but some people are upset that not enough people are upset about Moretz’s potty mouth. Says ITN:

In an era when viewers lodge their objections about talent show judges and prank phone-ins, a child saying the ‘c’ word in a film seems likely to attract complaints. But most critics have turned a blind eye to the transgression which occurs in Kick-Ass.

Actress Chloe Moretz turns the air blue as the character Hit Girl. The 13-year-old, was just 11 when she shot the action comedy and admits she would be grounded for life if she uttered any of the rude words in the movie, which has a 15 rating in the UK.

Others are upset, but not, perhaps, for the reason you’d expect. Such as the hilariously appropriately monikered David Cox, who, at the Guardian’s Film blog, complains that now that the word cunt has been defanged by dint of an 11-year-old girl saying it onscreen, he’ll have to find a new vulgarity to sling when he’s really, really angry.

Is there any there there? Is the “controversy” over Kick-Ass worth getting bothered about? Or is the real controversy the fact that people are trying to make something controversial that no one seems to be worried about?

I’ll be curious to see what audiences say about the film’s violence, which is a far more insidious thing to be worried about — the film makes it look very cool, which I think is a far worse thing to expose children to than some naughty words.

What do you think? (There are no spoilers in any of the links provided, if you want to read further.)

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