question of the day: What extra scenes would you *really* like to see in the extended version of ‘Avatar’?

James Cameron is not through sucking the money right out of your bank account. You’ve already made Avatar the moneymakingest movie ever at the box office (unadjusted for inflation, of course, because no one wants to say that Scarlett O’Hara kicks Na’vi ass). You’ve already made the DVD and blu-ray the biggest selling release ever. So course Cameron plans to rerelease the film this summer, with new scenes we haven’t seen yet (via Sci Fi Wire):

The emphasis of the additional scenes would be to add more to the world of Pandora and the Na’vi that James Cameron created. “I will tell you thematically what we’d like the [scenes] to touch on,” [producer Jon] Landau said. “We’d like them to touch on some of the backstory that we did not have time to address. We’d like them to touch on exposing people to a little bit more slices of the world of Pandora that they might not have seen, and we’d like to have a little bit more action in there in a couple spots. It’ll be a variety of things that deliver on the variety of things that people responded to in the film.”

After that, naturally, will come the DVD/blu-ray release of the extended version of the film, which will, of course, include extra extra additional scenes not seen in the extended theatrical release:

“Look, we have the backstory about the schoolhouse and what went on with Sigourney there, some more of Jake training on the world of Pandora, some more stuff at night on the world of Pandora, some added beats in the battle sequence at the end,” Landau said.

What extra scenes would you really like to see in the extended version of Avatar?

Obviously, at some point, we can expect to see the Na’vi nookie scene (even if Cameron has to go back and shoot it himself — that’s how much he loves you). But what else do we need? Wanna know how Jake’s brother ended up dead? How Jake was paralyzed? Why Giovanni Ribisi’s character is such a little shit? What they served for lunch in the Pandora mess on that one day when something exciting happened?

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