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because bowties *are* cool

Apparently David Tennant’s Doctor inspired lots of little boys in the U.K. to start wearing pinstripe suits to playschool. My Doctor Who pal bronxbee and I wondered whether this meant that little boys would, now that Matt Smith has taken over the role, start wearing bowties to playdates. And yes: yes it does mean that. Via the Telegraph:

The Doctor’s latest incarnation is played in by 27-year-old Matt Smith who sports a retro academic-style look.

His choice of clothing has prompted sales of bow ties to double, according to a leading fashion retailer.

In his first episode on April 3, Smith declared “bow ties are cool” and it looks as though young shoppers have taken his comments to heart.

Topman, whose shoppers ages’ are the target audience for the TV programme, shows a range of 12 bow ties on its website.

A spokeman for the store said: “Since the new Doctor Who aired we have seen a dramatic rise in bow tie sales, in the last month up sales have increased by 94%.

“Last week alone they accounted for 14% of all our tie sales – whereas over the last 6 months they have been only taking around 3% of our tie sales.

“It appears that the Doctor’s fondness for bow ties has been picked up by some of our shoppers and has translated into extra sales.”

My pick for the most Doctor-ish bowtie on Topman’s site:

(Thanks to Ken for sharing the link.)

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  • t6

    a) This is apparently a 100% Polyester bow tie. That really isn’t acceptable.
    b) That really looks like a pre-tied bow tie. Also not acceptable.

    Instead–go for the Moldavia! 100% Woven Silk, 100% tie it yourself. And the company allows you to customize your bow tie cut, get a matching pocket square, or a matching vest.


    But I’d go with the Yellow Jacket in a slim line…because I think yellow bow ties look great with blue dress shirts.


    Though I’m branching out into shirts with detachable starched collars…and those almost always come in white…so I’m going to have to branch out to some different bow tie collars.

    Bring on the bow tie revolution!

  • LaSargenta

    I’ve always liked bowties. I often wear them myself…all the better if I’ve commandeered them from a lover.


    Clip-ons are a definate no-no. If you don’t know how to tie it, I’ll be happy to do it for you standing behind you with my arms around your shoulders — while I tell you to stand very still.

  • I went to a Catholic school where all male students were required to wear ties. They didn’t specify what kind, so my friend Marsh wore bow ties. On one hand, it made him look like a dork — but on the other hand, he stood out as a unique individual under a dress code that tried to make us look all the same. Marsh rocks. B)

  • I_Sell_Books

    Zomfg that’s adorable! Then again, I watch so much house porn (Grand Designs, Location, Location, Location and it’s sister show, Relocation, Relocation, Country House Rescue, Restoration Man, etc) I hope my 2 year old son decides he wants to be an architect…and if not an architect, a carpenter! Because no matter how old I am, I will always need more bookcases.

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