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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

classic ‘Doctor Who’ blogging to begin momentarily…

I’ve been threatening it for a while, and now the moment is upon us: I’m about to start blogging about the original Doctor Who series in the same way I’ve been doing so for the rebooted series: in-depth, unbelievable geeky, and deeply love-fest-y.

But since I’m gonna be jumping around the 26-year history of the original series, I thought I’d give you a heads-up on what’s to come, so you can acquire DVDs of the episodes to watch/rewatch, if you like. So here’s the schedule for the first batch:

May 22: The Movie (Paul McGann) / buy at Amazon [U.K.] (available only in Region 2)
May 29: The Twin Dilemma (Colin Baker) / buy at Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.]
June 5: Castrovalva (Peter Davison) / buy at Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.]
June 12: Robot (Tom Baker) / buy at Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.]
June 19: Spearhead from Space (Jon Pertwee) / buy at Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.]
June 26: An Unearthly Child (William Hartnell) / buy at Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.]
(My Doctor Who guide will also keep a tally of upcoming classic blogging.)

You’ll note that those are all the regeneration episodes currently available. Sylvester McCoy’s first episode, “Time and the Rani,” will be released in Region 2 in September, and I’ll catch up with that one then. Patrick Troughton’s first story, “The Power of the Daleks,” is — like, alas, many of his stories — lost to history. There is a “reconstructed” version of the story on CD-ROM, which combines the soundtrack, which still exists intact, with whatever video is left plus stills from the production. It’s out of print, but used copies are available [Amazon U.S] [Amazon U.K.], though they’re really expensive. Email me if you’ve got a copy you’re willing to lend me for a little while.

I’ve got another Doctor Who project in the works, too, which I hope to get started on this summer. I don’t wanna say too much at this point, but I will tell you that I’ve registered a new domain in conjunction with this project: doctorwhocommentaries.com. (There’s nothing there yet, but there will be eventually…)

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