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question of the day: Did you watch Betty White on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this past weekend?

In light of the reappearance of Betty White on the pop culture scene, and as a sort of hipster icon no less — we talked about this last week — it seems like the right followup to ask:

Did you watch Betty White on Saturday Night Live this past weekend?

Her opening monologue:

Reviews are mixed. Robert Bianco in USA Today complains:

Clearly, they didn’t know what to do with her.

So they had her make some blue jokes, bear the brunt of multiple “isn’t she old” jokes, and pump for the upcoming MacGruber movie — and then make a few more blue jokes. I realize White’s juxtaposition of angelic manner and gutter language has proven to be a sure-fire laugh-getter — but 90 minutes of it? Surely after the first dozen times she says “lesbian” or makes some sexual reference or gets bleeped out for cursing, the routine begins to lose some of its punch.

I didn’t watch White — I haven’t watched SNL in years, gave up on it when even the new stuff felt started to feel dated the moment it aired — but that sounds like something I might say. But Christopher John Farley at the Wall Street Journal blog Speakeasy is more positive:

Her timing was excellent, her delivery expert. She performed a real monologue-not the kind too many other hosts offer up, which are basically skits, featuring videos, and other performers. Can she host again soon, please?

And all the White love of late gave the show its best ratings in 18 months.

Did you watch? If so, what did you think? Did you skip it? Could you — like me — not possibly care any less about Saturday Night Live?

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