question of the day: What May sweeps twist would you most like to see?

It’s May sweeps time, the weeks during which the American TV networks set their ad rates for the coming year. Which means that our favorite shows are jammed packs with as much excitement and as many twists as possible, in order to entice as many people as possible to watch: the higher the networks can boost ratings this month, the more they can charge advertisers.

An article in the Boston Herald this past weekend made note of a few of the “big twists” we can expect… though, of course, if we can expect them, they’re hardly “big twists,” are they? In most cases, though, it’s only in the grand scale that we know what’s going to happen: Lieutenant Van Buren is departing from Law and Order; Jack Bauer will save democracy one last time on 24; Joss Whedon will direct Neil Patrick Harris in an episode of Glee; as-yet-unknown characters will die on Supernatural and Private Practice. And so on, and so on.

What May sweeps twist would you most like to see? Should Jack Bauer let terrorists nuke L.A.? Should the series finale of Lost actually tell us straight up that it’s all been a dream, there has been no show called Lost these past six years? What would really shake up American prime time TV in a way that audiences would never forget?

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