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question of the weekend: What worries you most about the BP oil spill?

Sure, it’s a nightmare that keeps getting worse. It has ruined, perhaps irreversibly, environments that cannot be replaced. It has revealed the extent of how transnational corporations rule us: after arranging for legislation that practically guaranteed such a disaster was inevitable, BP is now in charge of the situation, down to dictating orders to the U.S. Coast Guard and refusing to allow photographers and journalists into all affected areas.

Oh, and after being cheap bastards who put money over safety, the catastrophe is barely making a dent in BP’s profits.

I don’t know how BP execs sleep at night. I hope they don’t.
I feel like I’m watching the first act of a disaster movie, the bits when Tommy Lee Jones or John Cusack is running around sceaming that things are much worse than they seem, dammit and no one will listen. Except in a bunker somewhere in rural Virginia, where government scientists know it’s actually even worse than that, and are building a space ark to make their escape. And Tommy Lee Jones or John Cusack won’t make it to the ark this time.

I keep thinking about the scene in Soylent Green where Edward G. Robinson is looking through the oceanographic reports that say the oceans are dead…

It was rather refreshing yesterday to see journalists asking actually tough, hard questions of a BP exec at a press conference, even to the point of flat out saying that we cannot trust a damn thing BP says. Still, the horse has already escaped, and the barn is on fire: why didn’t anyone give a shit while the door could have been closed?

And just for fun, here comes an extreme hurricane season. Storm surge with oil? Yum.

What worries you most about the BP oil spill?

Some good, if very technical stuff, about the “Top Kill” and “Junk Shot” at The Oil Drum (here and here). For environmental impact, see NOAA’s site on the disaster.

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