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screencap Friday: what the flick? #125

Friday fun! Here’s a screen capture from a DVD… and just to make things harder for 2010, this one is from a TV show which may or may not be in my collection (it’s sooo much easier to do screengrabs now that Netflix is streaming to my computer). Guess the TV show — you don’t need to guess the episode, just the show — and earn the respect of me and your fellow FlickFilosopher.com readers. One guess per comment — no fair hogging all the guesses.

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  • wooster182

    I’m almost positive that’s Firefly. It looks like Mal’s Browncoat and Inara’s gorgeous dresses.

  • Keith

    Damn that was fast, but I think you’re right.

  • wooster182

    I actually lied. I’m not convinced at all that it is Firefly, but it’s all I can think of that seems like a valid option. As nerdy as I am, I have a nerd tv niche and don’t watch a lot of it (Star Trek, Babylon 5, Hercules, Doctor Who for example).

  • wooster182

    And that does look like Nathan Fillion’s hand…Yes, I stare at his hands.

  • Mo

    Merlin maybe?

    Those robes look vaguely medieval.

  • Lisa

    I thought Firefly too but only cos I watched Serenity the other night and Jose Molina has wriiten a book about making Firefly.

  • Rykker

    Legend of the Seeker?

  • MaryAnn

    It’s *Merlin*: Mo wins.

  • wooster182

    Argh! It’s still somehow Nathan Fillion’s hand….

  • Mo

    Yay! ^.^

    …That can’t be Nathan Fillion’s hand. Look at how long the wrist is- it hasn’t settled yet which means the guy couldn’t be much more than 25.

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