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‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: crack in the universe, for real (and another in my ceiling)

British online newspaper The Daily Dust (which is now my favorite online news source, because it is recommended that one consumes it “with a nice hot cup of tea and a chocolate Hob-Nob”) notes that NASA has discovered an absolutely for-real crack in the universe…

…or at least the “core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems [that] may be harboring beastly stars in the process of forming.” Which sounds menacing enough, actually.

And this is the ceiling directly above my desk, where I sit and work all the freakin’ time:

(My graphic-designer brother Ken, who posts comments here as one of the Kens, added the glow. But it’s creepy enough without the glow, frankly, because one of these days, I’m gonna get bonked in the head with falling paint chips.)

For comparison:

(Daily Dust link via reader Keith)

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