wtf: I wasn’t looking for ‘Gandhi’ in ‘Twilight’ — were you?

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg talks to The Wall Street Journal about all the mean meanies who make her feel bad because her scripts for Twilight movies — her work includes Twilight and New Moon as well as the upcoming Eclipse — kinda suck. And not in the cool vampire way. Waaah!:

“It’s tough,” Ms. Rosenberg said of the drubbing “Twilight” and “New Moon” took in the press. “It sinks in a lot more than the praise. It speaks to the inner demons that say I’m a hack anyway. I have to not listen to it.” The films are clearly critic proof: “You’re not wondering if the fans will show up. They will,” Ms. Rosenberg explained.

Still, she admitted that the “Twilight” movies “are not trying to be ‘Gandhi.’ Is it high art? No. But it’s not trying to be.”

I certainly wasn’t expecting high art from Twilight, but how about low art? I do kinda find the idea of fantasy vampirisim sorta sexy — lots of women do. So I would have been happy with a sparkly-vampire-boyfriend franchise that was a cheesy guilty pleasure. But the first two Twilight movies have just been boring, and it doesn’t look like Eclipse will be any less boring.

But, so what? The movies aren’t to my taste, but clearly they are appealing to many, many people. I get Rosenberg’s fear-of-the-inner-hack thing, but it seems a little disingenuous at this point. She was brought back to write Eclipse, and now she’s working on the two-part Breaking Dawn. If you keep getting rehired — and at, presumably, ever increasingly obscene fees — there’s really no reason to complain. If you really worry about being a hack, use that money to subsidize work on something truly meaningful and important.

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