deep thought (re celebrity weddings)

I do not care which celebrity married which other celebrity this past weekend in a glamorous but low-key ceremony in an elegant and exotic spot favored by the jet-set.

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Wed, Jul 14, 2010 2:40pm

I find that learning about celebrities’ personal lives actually hinders me from enjoying their work. For instance, if Tom Cruise comes out with an agreeable or serviceable action flick, all I can think of while watching the movie is SURI SCIENTOLOGY OPRAH’S COUCH. With Katherine Heigl, it’s the little spat she had with Judd Apatow about sexism and then defending her own movie the Ugly Truth.

Sure, sometimes reading about their lives can enhance my opinion of them (I’m convinced that Tom Hanks is one of the nicest men alive) but I’m convinced that the potential negatives outweigh the positives whenever I open one of those rags.

Thu, Jul 15, 2010 4:34am

but … but … it’s Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston!

I’m sure Tom Hanks kicks ass when he feels like it. He’s just got a good publicist.