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‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Season 5 finale timeline

I think I find this more confusing than enlightening, but I’m funny that way:

Needless to say, that is but a tiny taste of the Doctor Who – Series 5 Finale Timeline posted at Flickr by a fan named Bladewood, who says:

This timeline includes events and time loops for both episodes of the Doctor Who Series 5 (1/31/Fnarg) finale (The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang). Needless to say it contains spoilers!

The “????” time frame is for events where no time information is known (any ideas accepted) – I’m assuming its sometime between 26th June 2010 and the 51st Century.


(Thanks to reader Steven for the link. If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • Kat

    Well someone has to say it, right? It looks a bit wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

    I’ll show myself out now.

    (Incidentally I was watching ‘Silence in the Library today’, wondering if I could find somewhere out there on the internets a chart for River’s timeline. It’d probably look something like this chart.)

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