poster convergence: ‘Memento’ and ‘Havok’

Everyone loves Christopher Nolan, and hopes you’ll mistake any given movie for one of his.
I have no idea if Havok might be a comedy, but the moment I saw its poster, I had to laugh. Because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be anything like the genius that is Memento.

(goes and Googles the movie)

So it looks like it’s yer standard teen horror flick, from a bunch of unknown talents both in front of and behind the camera. Its Facebook page suggests that it’s set at an upscale high school — funny how these things are never set in inner-city schools that are falling apart — where a bunch of perfect, perfect students are “eventually destroyed by the sinister guidance of a twisted mind.”

Also: you can enter a contest to get your band’s music in the movie. I bet Nolan steals that idea for his next film.

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