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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Make Mine Freedom (1948)”

Yeah, it’s a bit dated. I doubt anyone today would want to hear that things were actually pretty awesome during the Great Depression. And it’s both laughable and sad that it’s promoted as a good thing that Americans drive more cars than anyone else on the planet. We rock! Until the oil runs out!

But this?

When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other, through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives.

There seems to be a lot of that going around these days… and mostly by those who scream “socialism” like it’s the Bubonic Plague, and would have been doing the same with regards to communism in 1948.

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  • Patrick

    Jeez, it’s like Ayn Rand meets Looney Tunes– which is basically the description of the Libertarian Party all the way around.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Well I certainly can agree with that one sentiment at the end there. But theere are just too many platitudes and disconnects.

    Such as:

    Apparently “capitalism” isn’t really an “ism”. I suppose it’s more like capitalisticness. Or something.

    In fact, the only “ism” they seem all that concerned with is socialism, what with the scary “Giant Blue Hand of the State”.

  • RogerBW

    See also this from 1950. http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2010/07/vigilant_citize.html

    If you think your neighbor has “radical” views — that is none of your or the F.B.I.’s business. After all, it is the difference in views of our citizens, from the differences between Jefferson and Hamilton to the differences between Truman and Dewey, which have made our country strong.


    In other words, you might be wrong. In our system, it takes a court, a trial and a jury to say a man is guilty.

    Ah, those were the days…

  • In fact, the only “ism” they seem all that concerned with is socialism, what with the scary “Giant Blue Hand of the State”.

    Or more specifically, Communism, especially the type that was being practiced by Joseph Stalin and company.

    Having grown up hearing from my Polish-American mother about the type of life my maternal relatives in Krakow had endured thanks to that system–a system that has more than a few platitudes and disconnects of its own–I don’t exactly consider that a bad message–even if it seems as dated to most people who post here as a cartoon criticizing the latest actions of Kaiser Bill.

    Of course, if you wish to view it as a criticism of Fascism as well–a system which also had utopian goals and which also clamped down on unions and dissidents–I’m not going to argue.

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