wtf: Harry Knowles laments what he hath wrought

It’s sort of beautiful, in its way. Like how a mushroom cloud is beautiful. Harry Knowles, commenting on rumors about something to do with whatever the hell is going on with Spider-Man these days and who the hell is gonna direct The Hobbit anyway actually has the nerve to chastise Variety for reporting speculation in these areas because “just because producers are meeting with actors, doesn’t mean they’re making final offers.”

Which is true, of course. But that never stopped Ain’t It Cool News from “reporting” such things and building an Internet empire and shaping the form of reporting on movies in the 21st century. Thank you very much, Harry.

But Knowles ain’t done:

It is definitely fun to wonder about these mysterious studio deliberations. It is fun to publicly speculate and wonder aloud. But then, I thought that’s what disqualified me from being an official journalist… so I guess [Deadline’s] Michael Fleming is no different than the rest of us now. Getting pieces that don’t quite fit and speculating publicly about them out of fear of being beat to the scoop. I guess, I shouldn’t be upset at Fleming’s fill in the blanks approach to Journalism now. After all it is the way of things these days.

Yeah, it’s “the way of things these days”… because of you, Harry Knowles. Again, thank you.

I just liked it when there was a bigger difference between those on the net, and the sort of writers that come from places like Variety & Hollywood Reporter. When you read from those guys and girls it used to really be rock solid. Now, even the old guard have turned the Film Business into a pure spectator sport… without all the facts. Essentially becoming like Talk Radio, Network News and the Blogosphere.

Translation: “Just because I’m a big ol’ fanboy who gets millions of pageviews a day because I’ll post reports from guys who thread projectors at multiplexes doesn’t mean the rest of the Internet should be able to get away with that. What gives?”

I’m sorta seeing Khan screaming “Kirrrrrkkkk!”

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