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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

a question for ‘Scott Pilgrim’ fans re Ramona’s self-determination

I just posted a simpler version of this in comments following my review of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but I think it’s important enough to promote to its own post.

Here’s a question for everyone who thinks Ramona is free to do as she pleases: What if Scott had failed in his fights with the exes? What happens to Ramona — and her supposed affection for Scott — in that case? Does she say “fuck you” to the exes anyway, and especially to Jason Schwartzmann? Or does she meekly go back to Schwartzmann’s controlling, asshole ex?

Is Ramona free to do as she pleases no matter how Scott fares? How much control does Ramona have over her own life within the context of this metaphor?

I’m not asking what may or may not be in the comic book. I’m asking what fans of this story see Ramona’s choices as being in this scenario. I’m asking fans to step outside the story and look at the metaphor on a slightly larger scale. What does Scott’s having to fight the exes mean for Ramona?

If this is a valid metaphor for modern relationships among young people, there should be something to extrapolate from it.

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