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‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Bill Bailey’s ode to the wonderfulness of the Doctor

Hilarious. It’s in French (which is part of the joke; Bailey is British) but you’ll still understand almost every single word of it even if you don’t know more of the language than oui and non:

You may remember Bailey as the book-reading desk sergeant in Hot Fuzz and as Bilbo in Spaced, and if you haven’t seen his sitcom Black Books, check it out: you are in for a treat.

(Thanks to reader Isobel for the link. If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • leontineg

    “Exterminez vous!”

    French Daleks: Surprisingly polite.

  • not polite, just formal.

  • MC

    Ah, the Belgian Jazz version of Who… classic Bailey.

  • MaryAnn

    not polite, just formal.

    Exactly. It would unspeakably rude for a Dalek to use the familiar “tu” without an invitation from the exterminee to do so.

  • PJK


    I was thinking about sending you this link as well, but I thought I had already seen it before on the website.

    At least I can direct your attention to the Orchestral version!


    Dr Who starts at about 5:30 (sorry can’t figure out how to link to that point directly)

  • Ide Cyan

    The imperative doesn’t require a subject pronoun; the form of the verb indicates the number and the person of the subject already. When a pronoun follows the verb it’s usually as a direct/indirect object, not a subject, so “exterminez vous” would translate as “exterminate yourselves”. (If it had been addressed to “tu”, it would be written “extermine” without the Z.) If you want to say “exterminate them”, it ought to be “exterminez-les”. But “exterminate” translates as “exterminez”/”exterminer” quite well without pronouns.

  • Je t’aime, Bill Bailey.

  • Isobel

    I do love Bill Bailey – he’s also brilliant when he’s on QI (Stephen Fry combined with Bill Bailey combined with Alan Davies – I laugh until I have stomach ache!).

    For anyone familiar with the BBC news intro music, Bill Bailey also did a very funny techno rave style (I don’t know the proper names for all the different types of house music – sorry!) reworking of that. I’ll see if I can’t track it down on YouTube when I get home (they won’t let us on YouTube at work – we get a high bandwith non-work naughty naughty warning. Irritatingly, it’s started blocking The Onion now too, due to ‘profanity’. Frakking thing – speaking of which and completely on a tangent (too much coffee, methinks) – why why why are they making us wait until January for the second half of Caprica season one?).

  • Sok

    This will keep me smiling all day.

  • @Isobel: Here’s the whole skit from Part Troll Live:


  • And here are the European Ambulances from Bewildebeast (fan video, I recommend listening to it w/out watching first):



    Can’t believe I missed him when I was in Aberdeen.

  • A friend and I saw him a couple of years ago in LA. I swear we were the only people laughing half the time. Sometimes I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe though so maybe we compensated for the rest of the audience. If this were a just world, he and Eddie Izzard would play alternate weekends on TV.

  • Isobel

    @ Orodemniades – thanks for that, makes me laugh every time!

  • leontineg

    @ Ide Cyan – Maybe they’re saying “Exterminate yourself” in the same sort of way that one might say “F*** Youself”? Only more formal, of course! ;)

  • Matthew

    And, to add to the links, here’s an earlier version from the 1998 TV series Is It Bill Bailey?, with extra stuff:


    Bill also turns up in series two of Skins with an outstanding performance, showing he can hack it as a straight actor as well.

  • Matthew

    And I meant to say, Is It Bill Bailey? was directed by Edgar Wright.

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