‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: yet another reason why ‘Doctor Who’ is not for kids

Louisa Mellor at Den of Geek explains why, in relation to “The Big Bang,” Doctor Who isn’t really for kids, honestly:

We wear Crocs that turn us into enormous rubber footed toddlers and insist that Pixar films are suitable viewing for people with mortgages but really, The Big Bang wasn’t for kids. It was for us.

By us, I mean those who have lived long enough to feel kinship with a Doctor fighting against the obliteration of the entire universe, the moment when the stars go out. I’m not trying to bring anyone down, and really, let kids enjoy all the camp spaceships, sonic screwdrivers, running around and shouting, and let them enjoy it while they’re still young enough not to realise that, when they grow old, they’re destined to spend their days fighting the same foe as the Doctor, the moment when their own stars go out.

Because the series was all about death. Or to be more specific and fittingly for the show, death’s companion: loss.

Speak for yourself, Mellor, about the Crocs, but amen to the rest. And then she goes on to detail the many instances of loss — like how many time did Amy lose Rory this season, anyway? *sob* — throughout Season 5:

Now, I don’t really know anything about Moffat or his writers, but that wedding scene seemed like wish fulfilment. If only that everyday, nagging sense of loss pricked by those gulps of remembrance really could bring back the people we miss one last time for one last wedding and one last dance.

So, that’s why this one wasn’t about the kids. With any luck they haven’t yet loved and lost. But really, do let’s keep it as our secret. Let them enjoy their camp spaceships, sonic screwdrivers and (even) Dalek hankies. Because, despite the BBC’s charter, some education should be left as long as possible before it is learnt by heart.


(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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