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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

FlickFilosopher.com now available via Kindle in the U.K.

A reader in the U.K. emailed me recently to complain about how FlickFilosopher.com wasn’t available for Kindle in the U.K. I had to explain that it wasn’t any of my doing — it wasn’t like I had opted out of U.K. Kindle distribution or anything. Amazon simply wasn’t offering any U.S.-based blogs in the U.K.

That has now changed, and FlickFilosopher.com is now available for the Kindle in the U.K. (It’s still available for the Kindle in the U.S., too. It does not appear to be available in Canada.)

It’s not like Amazon notified me of this change or anything. I learned about it via a Google Alert on the site name.

Honestly, Kindle is not the best way to experience this blog. You can read posts, of course, but the comments don’t appear, and of course you cannot post a comment in response. I do think that greatly diminishes the experience of a blog like this one, where the community is so vital. But if you’re looking to read on the go, it’s another option.

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