is Betty Draper misunderstood?; the end of cable TV?; why never to throw away someone else’s action figures; more: leftover links

Every week my browser gets cluttered up with tabs for stuff that I stumble across and figure I might be able to use as a Question of the Day or a WTF Thought for the Day or grist for some other post. And inevitably, I end the week with most of that material unused. But there’s no reason to let this stuff go to waste: I can still share it with you, for your amusement, and start the new week with a clean slate.

Herewith this week’s leftover links, in no particular order:
Mom throws away action figures, son burns down house

Not Even Christina Hendricks Is Safe From Photoshop

Why You Must See Unretouched Images, And Why You Must See Them Repeatedly

Record-breaking movie fan Gwilym Hughes dies

BBC unready to commit to 3DTV format

Apple to rent TV shows for 99 cents each?

TV networks need to think hard about biting that Apple

Erotic Drive-In Sign Proves Vampires Are Totally Gay

Is Betty Draper Loathsome – Or Just Misunderstood?

What the Steven Slater Story Says about How News is Created and Shared

North Korea Denies Using Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

Brotherly Love in Philadelphia Does Not Extend to Bloggers


5 Myths About Philadelphia’s ‘Blogging Tax’

Publishers Weekly Unveils $149 Service for Self-Published Authors


Should Writers Pay for Book Reviews?

Americans Are Dumping Cable TV, but Execs Say Economics to Blame

Newspapers gone by 2022 says futurist

50 Best Websites 2010

Evan Smith of Texas Tribune: ‘Journalists Deserve a Living Wage’

The ABCs of E-Reading

The Gendered World Of Vermont Teddy Bears

In Defense Of Lady-Terrorizing Horror Movies

Woody Allen Shoots in Europe Because New York is Too Expensive

Whither The Marlboro Man? Feminism Killed Him, Duh

[John] Barrowman: I’m Staying In Wales

Eat, Pray, Trash: What the Critics Don’t See

‘Eat Pray Love’ and ‘I Am Love’: Class Warfare

Steve Murray on Cathy: Ack! A woman’s work is finally done

Blockbuster tells Hollywood studios it’s preparing for mid-September bankruptcy

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