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question of the day: Would you wear Jabba the Hutt sneakers or a Wookiee jacket?

I had no idea Adidas had a line of Star Wars branded clothing. (Do Stormtroopers wear hoodies as part of their undress uniforms?) I discovered this disturbing fact after I learned, via Cinematical, of two new additions to this line, coming this autumn: Jabba the Hutt sneakers and a Wookiee jacket.

The jacket actually has “Wookiee” emblazoned across the chest. Who would wear that? Would you wear Jabba the Hutt sneakers or a Wookiee jacket?

I dread to think what the price tags on these items will be. I’m guessing “not cheap” — not cheap at all.

What’s next? Victoria’s Secret Princess Leia bronze bikini pajamas?

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  • Wow. I can almost get the coat. If you kinda sorta squint really hard it almost looks vaguely like the coat Han Solo wore on Hoth. Kinda. But why just print “WOOKIEE” on it? It just comes across as a random word. Might as well write “SANDWICH” or “THURSDAY” on there.

    Meanwhile, there’s just no excuse for anything as ugly as those shoes to exist.

  • Eh, it’s subtle enough that I wouldn’t feel like a second grade boy or a cosplayer. However, it’s really ugly. >_

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    I would have thought a Wookie jacket would be long-hair brown shag with a bandolier.

    I have to admit though, Luke’s outfit near the end of Empire Strikes back has been subtlety influencing my own wardrobe for years.

  • CoriAnn

    I have an Adidas *style* jacket (not actually Adidas, mind you, I got it on super sale from Hot Topic) with a Storm Trooper helmet replacing the skull in a skull and crossbones on the back, and it says “Star Wars” on the front. I love that jacket–it’s my movie going jacket (I always get so cold in the theaters). But I got that jacket because it’s Star Wars + Pirates and it just looks cool–those shoes are UGLY, truly. And I agree with Brian, the random “Wookie” on the jacket is weird. The jacket itself isn’t too bad, but, I mean, Chewy didn’t exactly need a jacket ever, even on Hoth, did he? Maybe if it said “Han” or “Solo” or “Skywalker” or “Organa” or something instead. But, well, Adidas, I think you fail here.

  • bronxbee

    well, first of all, i’d never wear an anorak type jacket. but even if i were tempted, it would have to look *a lot more* like one from the star wars movies, and it would never, ever, say “wookie” on it. also, i agree with Left Wing Fox — a wookie does not need a jacket. we don’t see chewbacca wearing one on the ice moon, do we? no. and i know for sure that jabba the hutt did not wear sneakers. no feet, you see? i like stuff that is geek influenced, but more subtle. there’s a guy here who wears the little military cap worn by the imperial officers on board the cruisers. if you didn’t have a real familiarity with the films, you’d just think it another sort of billed cap. but it gives him (and me when i see it) a sneaky little geeky thrill. but it wouldn’t, it if had “Star Wars” stamped on it.

  • Boingo

    Kiddin’ me. Jabba The Hut had feet? I thought he was
    a protoplasmic-like blob.

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