when a boy becomes a Jedi

It seems that a missing scene from Return of the Jedi was screened for fans at Celebration, the big Star Wars convention this past weekend, and some guy in the audience who is very excited by lightsabers camcordered it. It’s not embeddable, but you can watch it at Gawker. (Then come back here.)
This scene will be among the deleted scenes included on the new six-film Star Wars blu-rays George Lucas has just announced will be released in Fall 2011. (I might have to finally give in and buy a blu-ray player.)

I hope Lucas includes the scene in which Luke meets Biggs on Tattooine after Biggs has been away at the Imperial Academy. I remember seeing a photograh of Luke with Biggs on Tattooine in a Star Wars storybook, a picture that I knew for sure was not in the movie… which may have been my first introduction to the idea that of all the story that’s on the screen in a movie, there could be more than that still waiting to be seen. I was maybe eight or nine years old at the time, and I’ll never forget that revelation.

Astonishingly, those Luke/Biggs bits are on YouTube. I can’t believe Lucas hasn’t had them pulled down:


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