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commenting now happening on Disqus

I apologize in advance for the inevitable issues that are going to crop up… as when Disqus is down and commenting is unavailable. But that’ll be better than getting my hosting account suspended again — and maybe getting booted from my very expensive hosting entirely — for overloading the server, which the built-in Movable Type commenting system is notorious for.

I still need to do some customizing of the Disqus comments, and the “current conversations” boxes in the center of the home page and in the right column of the subpages are hideous. I’ll get to that as soon as I can — I’ve already lost way too much time dealing with this and I need to write some reviews! It’s not a simple thing, especially with the woeful lack of documentation Disqus offers.

Please feel free to let me know here — in the new Disqus comment thread! — about any problems or issues you’re encountering with Disqus. If you’ve got anything positive to say, I wouldn’t mind hearing that, either.

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