‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: kid video-blogs about ‘Doctor Who,’ gets invited to the set

As I was browsing around Neil Gaiman’s Twitter feed after I found yesterday’s image of Neil Himself with a Weeping Angel, I came across another interesting image: of Neil Himself with some kid I had no idea who he was, both of them on the TARDIS set:

Who is this kid? Charlie McDonnell. Who is Charlie McDonnell?

Charlie McDonnell is an English Video-Blogger and Musician from Bath, who currently resides in London. Known on YouTube as charlieissocoollike, he is currently the most subscribed YouTuber in the United Kingdom, with just under 600,000 regular viewers. Currently, he has amassed over 70 million total video views. He is 19 years old, and does not enjoy small talk.

Clearly, I am doing the Internet wrong.

What was Charlie McDonnell doing on the TARDIS with Neil Gaiman?

No, I’m not going to be the next Doctor, neither am I appearing with a role in the episode that Neil’s written, nor any episode for that matter. As cool as that would be, I’m not really an actor, I’m a video blogger, so what do you think I’ve been up to? Well, I’ve been making video blogs behind the scenes of Doctor Who, that’s what.

If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who on the televisionbox then you’ll know that, straight after the show, you can hop over to BBC 3 and watch an episode of Doctor Who Confidential, a separate program looking into how the main show gets put together. Recently, after seeing my video blogs and my very public admiration for Doctor Who, the Confidential team got in touch with me and asked if I was up for hanging out on the set of Doctor Who, doing fun Doctor Who related things, and turning that into a series of videos for the BBC. Needless to say, retaining my urge to squee like the fangirl I am, I said yes. As I mentioned, Neil’s written an episode of Doctor Who, and while he was down on the set watching it being filmed, I grabbed the chance to interview him, and to get this photo.

Yup, I definitely doing the Internet wrong.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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