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first pix of David Tennant in the ‘Fright Night’ remake

Remember a while back, we talked about David Tennant signing on to the remake of 80s favorite Fright Night, as magician Peter Vincent? Now we know what he’s going to look like:

And apparently, Peter Vincent has a regular show at a Hard Rock somewhere: Vegas?

Criss Angel, call your office.

(via Shock Till Ya Drop; h/t reader Erik)

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  • Liz

    This is . . . bizarre. I dunno if it’s a good bizarre or a bad bizarre. But it’s like hearing him speak with an American accent. It’s just different. Although, I can’t complain about his being shirtless . . .

  • Isi

    So…you don’t like it?

  • I_Sell_Books

    It’s…just not right.

  • Christy

    He reminds me of Jack Sparrow, with the long black hair and beard. I am strangely intrigued. I have a feeling that some people aren’t going to recognize him at all, which could be both a blessing and a curse.

    I do like the shirtless aspect, though.

  • MC

    I am thinking they could have cut out the middleman and just hired Russell Brand… because that’s what it looks like they are going for there.

  • Joanne

    I’m seeing both Depp and Brand in that look, which is not something I’d ever have said of Tennant – but, hey, shirtless, good!

  • Lisa

    Frickin awesome he rocks so hard

    Haven’t you people seen Nan’s Christmas Carol?

    Call yourself Tennant fans …

    He looks a-maz -in

  • Liz

    I guess, in a strange way, I do like it — he certainly is gorgeous, but I prefer Geeky!Tennant over Criss-Angel-Russell-Brand-Lovechild!Tennant. I knew him as the Doctor first, so that’s the image that sticks in my mind. I’m anxious to see him in this movie, though.

  • Alice

    I am absolutely thrilled by this picture. It’s intriguing and hilarious. My guess is that his character will look like this on stage and be totally different in real life. It fits in with the original character Peter Vincent, who I guess was just pretending he knew anything about vampires.

    I am much happier after seeing this than I was when I first heard about the casting. I think this will be high camp with intelligence, like Buffy.

    And he does remind me of the ghost of Christmas present in Nan’s Christmas Carol. And if you have not seen that–rush right now to YouTube.

    Does anyone know what accent he’ll use in the movie?

  • Lisa

    I’ll take him anyway I can get him

  • Bunny

    Risotto, risotto, risotto!

  • Lisa

    lol and funnier than Brand too, who I can take or leave

  • bronxbee

    i second lisa’s emotion… i hate horror movies but may have to see this one.

  • River Song

    I suddenly had a flashback to when David Tennant acted with Johnny Depp in “LA Without A Map”.

    I seriously would not have recognized him here.

  • Barb

    Except for his eyes and brows, would not have recognized him. Too much like Jack Sparrow and Russell Brand rolled into one. Not a fan of horror flicks at all but I’d see this one only because of David.

  • bronxbee

    @River Song: oh yeah! that was a strange movie but worth it for the DT/JD scene…

  • Lisa

    He’s so young in it, isn’t he?

    Decoy Bride has a somewhat similar theme, in that he’s getting married to an actress in it.

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