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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

now you can rate my posts and everyone’s comments

The lack of much posting today is because I was pulling my hair out over some behind-the-scenes tweaking. Two things drove me crazy for much of the day: implementing a way for you to edit comments for a short while after you post them, and implementing a way to highlight the comments of subscribers. But either I don’t know what the hell I’m doing or there are bugs in the plugins I was trying to use — probably some of both — and I ran up against a wall with both of them. I’ve got requests out for assistance from people who might know how to help me, and hopefully that’ll pan out and I can finish up those tweaks.

But in case any of you understand this crap, I’m trying to get Arvind Satyanarayan’s Comment Email Filter 1.11 and Mark Jaquith’s Tempus Fugit (which isn’t actually a plugin but a PHP script) working on Movable Type 3.36. If that means anything to you, gimme a shout.
While I wait on that, I actually did manage to implement a ratings system for both my posts and everyone’s comments. You can vote only once for each post and each comment (though it may look like you can click away voting on my posts, only your first vote actually registers, and that one genuine vote won’t show up till the page rebuilds).

At the moment, you’ll just be able to see the vote counts, but soon, you’ll be able to hide those comments that are rated below a certain threshold — it’s a sort of collaborative community filtering that, on very long comment threads, should make finding the meaty stuff easier. And eventually I may implement a “popular posts” or “popular comments” listing somewhere prominent.

For now, have fun with the new features, and let me know if you run into any problems.

If you wanted to become a subscriber of the site for only $1 per month as a token of appreciation for my efforts (if you haven’t already subscribed), I’d be delighted.

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