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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

what she said: Ragen Chastain at the blog Dances with Fat…

…on Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers ad, in which Hudson states that before she lost weight, her “whole world was can’t”:

Before Weigh Watchers, Jennifer Hudson:

Was a finalist on American Idol.

Starred in a major film.

Won TWENTY NINE awards for her debut performance including:

* Golden Globe
* NAACP Image Award
* Screen Actors Guild
* Academy Award

Was the only person to ever go from a reality show to winning an Oscar

Had a debut album that won a Grammy.

How many actresses have gone an entire successful career without winning an Oscar? How many singers have been well loved and highly successful without ever winning a Grammy? Let alone winning one each on your FIRST TRY.

No, wait, there’s more glorious ranting from Chastain:

I am well aware that Weight Watchers wants us all to believe that there is no such thing as success or happiness unless you’re thin. The diet industry makes 60 Billion dollars a year by convincing us of that. I am utterly unsurprised that they would write such a script.

What I can’t believe is that Jennifer Hudson is willing to be a part of the message that no matter what you are doing in your life, if you’re not thin it just doesn’t count. During her Academy Award speech she thanked her Grandma saying “If my grandmother was here to see me now. She was my biggest inspiration.” Now she is saying that it was nothing. I wonder how her Grandma would feel about that?

As Chastain and her commenters go on to point out, it’s cool if Hudson just wanted to lose some weight and that this has made her feel even better about herself. But to suggest that all of her accomplishments prior to losing weight counted for nothing is the worst kind of bullshit.

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