wtf: the ‘Guardian’s list of 100 powerful people in British film has few Brits on it

I’m not blaming the Guardian for this. I’m blaming Hollywood’s overwhelming dominance. From the Guardian:

James Cameron is the most influential individual in UK film, according to the Guardian’s inaugural Film Power 100 list. The list is released in the Guardian’s Film & Music supplement today as part of a month-long season in the Guardian and Observer celebrating film.

A panel of leading representatives from the global film industry selected Cameron as the person who holds the most influence over films the British cinema-going public choose to watch.

Andrew Pulver, the panel’s chair and Guardian Film Editor, said: “The people that made it onto the list are all vital figures in determining what ends up on British cinema screens. At one end of the scale are Hollywood giants like James Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio, and at the other are bloggers, festival programmers and cinema owners who all play a part in influencing our cinematic cultural map.”

The highest-ranking Brit on the list is Christopher Nolan, at No. 6. Next is Ed Vaizey at No. 10 — he’s the minister for culture, communications, and creative industries. The highest-ranking person who could be called a critic? Harry Knowles, at No. 53.

More horror: Michael Cera ranks higher (No. 60) than the Guardian’s own critic, Peter Bradshaw (No. 65).

Seriously: What the fuck?

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