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I hope you like the revamped FlickFilosopher.com home page. I know that dramatic change like this can be traumatic — I’m getting stressed out dealing with the Internet Movie Database’s reorganization and redesign, but I can appreciate that the changes there are for the better and that I will get used to them in time.

I think you’ll agree that the same applies here.

I’ve been developing this new home page for quite a while now (and refined it recently based on feedback from some readers who sneaked a peek at it). I think it better represents what the site is: not so much a blog but a one-woman magazine. There are regular daily features — the trailer, female gazing, the Doctor Who thing, and so on — and that’s much more obvious now. (Easy links for each feature will allow you to catch up, should you miss a day or three.) I plan to have those daily features refreshed every day around 3am Eastern time; that catches the easternmost edge of the bulk of my readership, in the U.K., just as they’re waking up, and the westernmost edge of the bulk of my readership, on the West Coast of North America, just as one day is turning into the next. And of course I’ll continue to post other nonfeature material over the course of each day.
But the most important thing about this redesign is that it gives a place of prominence to my reviews… which are, after all, the reason this site exists in the first place. In the far-left column, you’ll be able to find all my latest criticism, not just new theatrical releases but coverage of DVDs, both films new on DVD and classics I’m revisiting. And directly to the right of the reviews, in the narrow yellow column, are links to reviews and trailers for current and upcoming theatrical releases and DVDs. More casual blogging on TV shows, such as Mad Men and — starting back up next week — Caprica will appear in the center-right column. Scroll around a bit and you’ll see.

I hope you’ll do a little exploring of the new redesign: please do give it a chance. I think you’ll agree that it brings a level of organization to the content here that it hasn’t had before, and desperately needed. I appreciate whatever feedback you have to offer in comments.

The old blog-style home page is still accessible here, if you’d like to continue using it. Just bookmark it for easy access. (The “home” links in the nav bars at the top and bottom of each page will go to the new magazine-style table of contents, however, as will clicking on the site logo at the top of each page.) The RSS feed will also remain as it was, with a sequential listing of new posts. (Remember that a full-content feed is available to $1/month subscribers.) You’ll also now find links to the previous and next posts, as many blogs feature, at the bottom of each post, something that was requested recently by a reader, and which I was happy to offer. These will also help you navigate among recent posts.

This site has gone through many, many redesigns in its 13-year history, but none so dramatic as this, even if it is limited to the home page. Thanks to my many readers who’ve stuck around through these disruptions. I’m sure we’ll all be able to weather this one smoothly.

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