‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: a review of ‘Doctor Who’: Live at Wembley Arena

We talked about Doctor Who: Live back in May, as tickets were about to go on sale. And now the curtain has risen on the show.

Dominic Cavendish of the Telegraph is decidedly underwhelmed, because he is not, as he reminds us, 11 years old any longer. But he gives it three stars anyway:

It may come as no surprise to anyone to learn that the resulting jamboree – dazzling, deafening and brazenly gratuitous – is probably best appreciated by 11-year-old children and younger, or indeed those with an equivalent mental age. Terror? I spent a good bulk of the first matinee showing at Wembley Arena quivering at the cost of the expedition – a pulse-raising £170 for a family of four.

At the same time, other voices inside me chorused disapproval at the state of humanity in general: how could so many grown adults excitedly train their mobile phones in the direction of people – plainly, obviously, ordinary humanoid actors – stalking the aisles in the guise of Cybermen, creepy Scarecrows, the rhino-like Judoon, and whatnot?

Oh dear. But he’s more positive by the end of his review:

Still, come on, how often are you going to breathe the same sweet melancholic air as an Ood, get to scream en masse at Weeping Angels or bear witness to a choreographed battle sequence between raging Cybermen and colour-coded Daleks? One of them, even, yes, elevates – magically – for the whizz-bang denouement.

Daniel Martin in the Guardian is more positive still, and snark free. And Anorak has pictures from opening night, including one of Matt Smith smooching his girlfriend, model Daisy Lowe, in the audience:

Apparently there were also some Daleks, but they don’t have gossip-worthy private lives for us to chatter about, so no one took any pictures of them.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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