‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: fanzine ‘Panic Moon’

Just about a month ago, I wrote wonderingly about how some fans seem to be going retro with fanzines printed on paper… just like in the 1980s! Apparently, the meme is spreading — the second issue of Panic Moon has just been published:

The October 2010 issue of Panic Moon is now available. Inside you will find a range of articles covering Doctor Who from the 1960s through to the 2010 series and beyond.

Subjects covered include: the 2011 series split; The Happiness Patrol, the Doctor Who Prom; a look at what was new and what familiar in series five; The Adventure Games, the design of TARDIS props; growing up with Doctor Who in Germany; Time and the Rani; Genesis of the Daleks; the origins and inspirations behind The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone; the influence of Terry Nation’s earliest sci-fi on his Doctor Who work; Fear Her; reviews of the latest fanzines; Revenge of the Cybermen; Silver Nemesis; DVDs and the pursuit of the fan; The Dominators; The Massacre; Big Finish reviews; behind the scenes on Remembrance of the Daleks; plus an old-fashioned fanzine letters page.

The issue is A6 format, 36 pages, black and white, and beautifully illustrated.

Ordering info is available at Panic Moon’s Web site.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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