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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

not much blogging today…

Was out at a marathon of movies — three in eight hours, plus round-trip commuting time. Last night, when I might have been preparing posts for today, I was instead preparing packages of goodies to subscribers, most of which went in the mail today. (Winners of goodies got an email from me. I was able to give to many subscribers. I wish I could have given to everyone.)

I have decided no longer to feel guilty about not posting everything I would like to post everyday… unless a subscriber complains to me about it. Then I’ll feel guilty. So if you want to protest that I’m not reviewing enough movies or grumble that I still haven’t gotten back to Life on Mars blogging, or whatever, I won’t take you seriously unless you’ve signed up for a buck-a-month subscription, or donated a fixed sum of at least $12/£10. Because if you haven’t done that, you’re part of why I am not able to devote all my available time to this site, and must occasionally turn my attention to such lowly, proletarian endeavors as making a living… which was something else that ate up a lot of time over the past week or so, as I was compelled to turn my attention to a noncriticism project that came with an actual paycheck.

I’m cooking up another benefit for subscribers — one that will not require I spend hours packing up goodies and hauling them to the post office — that I hope to unveil in the next week or so.
But I really do hope that my work here alone is worth a single lousy dollar a month. If you like what I’m doing here — and when I look at my traffic statistics from multiple independent sources, I see that there are tens of thousands of you who do, who come back on a regular basis — then please at least consider it. Because my other options, if I cannot raise money from those who enjoy this site as it is now, is to change it so that it garners Perez Hilton-level traffic (and hence Perez Hilton-level ad revenue), or simply give it up in favor of work that pays me a living wage. I hate either prospect and absolutely do not want to resort to either of them. So please help me not have to resort to them.

Just a reminder: Subscribers also get

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And since readers asked for more options, here are a few. If you want more options, just let me know and I shall oblige:

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