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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

question of the day: Who is your favorite TV mom or dad?

It’s been a sad week for beloved sitcom parents. Tom Bosley of Happy Days — Howard Cunningham, Mr. C — died yesterday. Barbara Billingsley of Leave It to Beaver — aka June Cleaver — died on Saturday.

Jeff Kane at RobotCeleb.com sums up the appeal of the iconic characters Bosley and Billingsley portrayed, and why they linger with us:

Both of these stars played many different roles over their careers, but as they leave us we remember them as that role of parent in the near perfect world of the shows they inhabited. In a way the sitcom and even the family drama that actors like Tom Bosley and Barbara Billingsley starred in were a reflection of what we as a country desired to be. They were easy fits and straight forward answers to all of life’s problems. No matter how difficult the situation or how hard the road ahead they taught us if you just tell the truth and do the right thing then everything will work out fine in the end. Perhaps for many of us they symbolize what we perceive as a simpler time in our lives. I am not old enough to have really watched Leave it to Beaver, but I did grow up watching Happy Days. It is easy for me to look back on those days of my youth and see them a time of innocence, a time before there were cell phones, internet, or for that matter even cable TV in most homes. Of course now I know otherwise. While it seemed simple to me as a child I know it was a complex time in its own right for others.

Who is your favorite TV mom or dad? Mrs. Partridge? Steve Douglas? Claire Huxtable? Tony Micelli? Dan Conner? Maybe someone more modern, such as Jackie Tyler?

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