question of the day: Why did ‘Jackass 3D’ make $50 million this past weekend?

Fifty. Million. Dollars. It’s the biggest opening ever for North America in September or October, and it was enjoyed by Jackass 3D. (That number is an estimate and could change when the actual numbers are in, but it won’t change by much.) Sure, it got a boost in ticket prices from the 3D premium — and so it did not break attendance records for a September or October release, according to Box Office Mojo. But still: that a ton of money for a plotless “reality” movie about guys doing stupid things that could very well get them killed… and without the added suspense of not knowing whether the stunts would get them killed. (We already know they survived.)

What on Earth is the appeal of the Jackass franchise? Why would a movie with no special FX, no characters to speak of, no story, no nothing except overgrown idiocy speak to so many people? Why did Jackass 3D make $50 million this past weekend?

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