three movies in a day…

I know it sounds like a treat, but three movies in a day is exhausting. Especially when the short amount of time in between each screening is spent:

1) running around in the rain

2) trying to find a place with wi-fi (and coffee that doesn’t suck) and check email (particularly tough on a rainy day when even the tourists don’t want to be outside)

3) whipping up a review for a newspaper editor who’s waiting for it

3a) coping with not entirely socialized screening rats who don’t seem to get the hint that if I’m pounding away at the laptop while you’re trying to tell me some boring pointless story that lets you namedrop shamelessly, it probably means I’m on a deadline and need to get some writing done

4) wielding phone calls from the people who are not at all dealing with the fact that half my apartment has no electrical power, with no indication of when this will be fixed

Home now. But it’s dark in weird ways and light in weird ways that make home feel not like home. At least my workspace is fully powered.

The universe is telling me things. If I’m interpreting correctly what it’s saying… well, it sounds like a string of obscenities.

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