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what he said: Dustin Rowles at Pajiba…

…on what critics can do about the tragedy of crap such as Life as We Know It scoring very highly with audiences and doing well at the box office:

If you want to be happy, if you want the movies you like to succeed at the box office, then stop reading so much. Stop expecting so much. Stop being so critical all the time. Stop caring about quality or creativity or inventiveness. Turn your fucking brains off and smile when Katherine Heigl smiles and laugh when Ashton Kutcher laughs and cry when Robin Williams dresses up like a goddamn clown and helps children with cancer. You high-fallutin motherfuckers; step off your high-horse and open your mind to the possibility that Michael Bay is the greatest thing to ever happen to cinema, you elitist assholes. Don’t try to change the product; change your perception of the product.

Let’s all be dumb.

Workin’ on that now…

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