Saturday cute: real baby dinosaurs

Amos Zeeberg on the recent unearthing of fossilized dinosaur embryos, still in their eggshells (writing at Discover’s blog Science Not Fiction):

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the discovery was the fact that these dinosaur babies are in some important ways baby-like: big heads, no teeth, get around on four legs instead of two (as did Massospondylus adults). The researchers suspect that these little ones therefore probably couldn’t survive on their own, and must have depended on their parents—the oldest ever example of parental care. And if that’s the case, it sort of makes sense that they’d appeal to our weakness for things baby-like, even if they’re not of our species.

Perhaps what’s even more intriguing, though, is that dinosaurs would also have had an appreciation for the cute… so maybe they wouldn’t have gone after adorable moppets in Jurassic Park?

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