‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Trevor Eve says ‘Doctor Who’ is too expensive

An excellent way to get attention in the British press? Say anything at all about Doctor Who… and if it’s sure to piss off fans, all the better. From Mail Online:

Waking the Dead actor Trevor Eve has claimed his own programme should have been axed three years ago and said hit shows like Doctor Who are too expensive.

In a bizarre rant to promote his new ITV drama Kidnap and Ransom, the former Shoestring star said intellectually stimulating programming suffers due to the commercial success of the BBC’s most high-profile shows.

Is that really true, though? The BBC seems completely willing to takes chances on new dramas, especially on miniseries-length ones that cannot possibly earn back what a long-running, many-episoded show like Doctor Who can. Of course, everything’s relative… but if Eve thinks things are bad in the U.K., he should take a look at American TV, where money isn’t just the prime factor but absolutely everything.

About Doctor Who, Eve continues:

‘The programme is great, but it was created for kids in 1963,’ Eve told the Radio Times.

So? Even if you cannot see that Doctor Who is more than “just” a kids’ show these days, don’t kids deserve quality TV, too?

The father-of-three added: ‘I’m not saying everything popular is bad, but it’s desperate when nothing can exist unless it achieves financial rewards.’

I agree that’s a bad thing. I’m just not sure it applies to the BBC.

Mail Online notes that:

Doctor Who and Top Gear [which Eve also complains about] are two of the BBC’s most profitable programmes, producing £147m in sales and a £51.5million profit in the last year from sales to foreign markets and the success of tie-in merchandise such as books and DVDs.

Surely those profits get plowed back into all BBC programming, not just Doctor Who and Top Gear.

Eve has starred in Waking the Dead since 2000 and is reportedly paid £1 million a series for the popular BBC1 detective programme.

Hmmm. Eve does say that his own show should have been cancelled years ago, but he could have quit, very likely, if he felt that strongly about it…

(Thanks to Neima for the link. If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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