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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

my apartment is almost empty…

Just a few more days until I’m outta here for good, and there’s not much left here. I’ve given away a lot of stuff on Freecycle, where you can post offers of anything as long as the taker comes and picks it up… and as Freecycle demonstrates, people will take anything if it’s up for grabs. One crazy lady came to take two mirrors and ended up taking a room full of stuff that I hadn’t even bothered to post, everything from a clock radio to knickknacky things to a throw pillow to an air-conditioner. (No, I could not sell a nearly new AC at a bargain price on eBay or craigslist, not with two feet of snow on the ground.) What she’s gonna do with all my crap, I have no idea… but it’s her problem now. And she saved me a trip — or more likely, several trips — to a local thrift shop to donate it all to them.
So, the rooms are nearly empty, and echoing not only with sound but with lost opportunities. The place looks so much bigger without my stuff in it — not that it was overcrowded before I began to clear it out — and I’m reminded of the promise it held when I first moved in, with less stuff than I’ve accumulated since: what I could do with this space or that space… things I never did get around to doing. I was gonna have a cozy little reading corner over here; I was gonna hold dinner parties — small ones; this is still a New York City apartment — over there. But lack of money, lack of time, and lack of this being a neighborhood that’s easy for my friends in Queens and Brooklyn and even Manhattan to get to put the kibosh on it all.

Not saying I have lots of regrets… just that this place hasn’t been all I’d hoped it would be. Perhaps I should resolve to make my next place all good things…

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