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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

omg: ‘Firefly’ and ‘Mad Men’ are the same show

The evidence is extraordinary:

And since no one seems to have transcribed it yet, here it is:

You know what my favorite show is?

It’s about a handsome antihero, a man with a Scottish name and a nickname that means something significant in Latin. He’s a war veteran who’s spending his days in a less noble line of work. In the pilot, after a meeting with a potential client goes south, the client explains that it’s offensively obvious that our antihero thinks he’s better than all this. But does he really? While he doesn’t like to talk about his origins, we eventually learn that he grew up as a poor, adopted farmhand before a traumatic event in the war prompted him to transform himself. Now, he struggles to be honorable even as he must constantly deceive. Women in his life: well, there’s the one who’s been devoted to him for years, but he just takes her for granted. The woman he wants is fiercely independent, and it drives him crazy to have to stand by as she sleeps with an endless succession of other men. Then there’s the much younger woman who works for him, but there’s no tension there. She’s just interested in the new guy, who drives our antihero crazy with his arrogant ambition and elitist style. It’s witty, feminist, and original with a cult following and critical acclaim. And I love Christina Hendricks’s character, a talented redhead who tries to use a marriage as a means to an end, only to have it backfire horribly.

You know, Mad Men. No, um… Firefly. Wait… Oh my god

Geekosystem says no one quite knows who created this, but that the earliest appearance online appears to be on the tumblr stream of someone called jacquelineofalltrades. I have reader JoshDM to thank for the link…

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