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question of the weekend: How are your reading habits changing with the advent of ebooks and social media?

Amazon announced this week that, in the U.S. at least, it sold more ebooks in the last quarter of 2010 than it sold paperbacks, the BBC reported. (It also noted, however, that sales of paperback books do continue to rise as ebook sales go up, too.) Google has a new ebooks store (not available yet in the U.K, though public domain ebooks abound, downloadable from Google ebookstore and other places.) And ReadWriteWeb recently called the shift in our reading habits one of its Top Trends of 2010, though that piece covers mostly how we find and read news today (ie: more via Twitter and Facebook and news aggregators, less via RSS).
So: How are your reading habits changing with the advent of ebooks and social media?

I’m certainly giving my Kindle a workout, and expect that I will read more classic novels this year than I have recently, because it’s so easy to find and download good e-versions of them… and because I’m feeling a little guilty about selling and giving away so many books, during my recent move, that I hadn’t read in years, or ever. I had a complete collection of Anthony Trollope, for instance, in paperback, and never got around to reading them. But now I have ebook copies on my Kindle, for free.

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