question of the day: Just what the hell is the girl in the ‘Drive Angry’ poster looking at?

You haven’t seen Drive Angry yet, but I have, and I can tell you that most of the angry driving in the movie is toward stuff rather than away from stuff. I mean, it’s not Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard being chased but doing the chasing. So while a poster like this:

for another movie could possibly be interpreted to read that she’s looking nervously after whatever is following them, that’s not the case here. Which the designer of the poster certainly would have known. So…

Just what the hell is the girl in the Drive Angry poster looking at?

I see a few possibilities:

1) Nicolas Cage’s dignity, which has been run over repeatedly in the road behind them and is now struggling feebly to get up again and may just succeed in staggering pathetically in Cage’s direction (before he zooms off again)

2) Actually, I think No 1 is the most likely explanation.

What do you think?

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