are you having problems with Disqus?

There’s a Disqus Grumbling thread happening over the FlickFilosopher forum. Feel free to post your gripes there.

As I mentioned in the forum, Disqus may have its problems, but this site was on the verge of getting booted off my very tolerant Web host before the switchover to Disqus: Movable Type’s commenting system puts too much strain on a server when a site gets decent traffic and lots of comments. I’m not sure where else I could host the site at a less than dedicated-server level (which is simply not affordable). Getting that commenting strain off my Web host was absolutely imperative

All services like Disqus have their issues: none of them is perfect. But Disqus did save FF. I’m not saying it doesn’t have problems that should be fixed, but it is a free service, and some downtime and some glitches are inevitable.

Just a reminder: Only site subscribers can start new threads at the forum, but anyone can respond to an existing thread. (You can find subscribe links in the lefthand column of most pages here.)

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