‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: TARDIS spotted in Farmville!

I thought it was a mite coincidental when, just as I moved to England, so did Farmville, the Facebook game I and ten gazillion other people are addicted to. Farmville farms haven’t had a real-world location before, but just as (I suspect) a lot of heavy-duty players were starting to get tired of the repetitiousness of the game, which can start to set once you’ve upgraded your farm as much as possible, suddenly Farmville announced that players would be able to acquire a second farm, complete with new challenges, in “England.”

Zynga’s been teasing the English farm thing for ages, and now the farms are finally here. I was able to start mine yesterday… and what do I find as a decoration alloted to me? A police box!

That’s me on my new English farm, wearing the aviator cap I needed for protection on the balloon journey to the farm. Yes, Zynga is going for an old-fashioned theme with the English farms, in which case you might expect a red phone box as the first really British decoration. But no, it’s a police box, which these days has connotations only of Doctor Who, not of the rural policeman (and anyway, police boxes were mostly urban). Which can mean only one thing: It’s not a coincidence that Farmville followed me to England — Zynga has been reading my mind and got infected with Doctor Who.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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